What is WordPress?

WordPress is probably the most powerful easy to learn and use Content Management System (CMS) available at the current time, and it has been for years. In fact this very website you are viewing is powered by it, and most likely you have visited numerous other websites that use it too. It’s free open source software, meaning it won’t cost you any license fee’s. There are plenty of others out there that will cost you a lot of money, and to be honest they aren’t nearly as good for the price they want.

Whether you are just getting started with a website and have little to no experience, or if you have web programming and development skills WordPress is definitely a great route to pursue.

I have been doing this for some 20+ years, and I wouldn’t waste my time with a lot of other Content Management Systems out there, especially if I were just getting started.

Do a little Google searching in your spare time for various WordPress search strings and you will see for yourself how popular it is. You don’t get that popular if your software is difficult and confusing.

Not to mention that there are tons of free plugins (extra features) and themes (templates/designs) available for it. Some are so feature rich I can’t believe that they are actually free. Similar plugins and themes would cost you a lot of money with other Content Management Systems.

It is also extremely stable, robust, actively developed and updated. Some of the others I have used are so buggy that they aren’t even worth using. One in particular I used in the past released an update to fix a bug, but it managed to create three new ones in the process. Now is that something you want to spend a lot of money on? Not me.

I know there are others that look very appealing when they show you screen shots and demos, but they can also be very complex, confusing, and extremely time-consuming to figure out and learn. They make it look much easier to use than it actually is.

I certainly don’t have anything against other CMS software. I do use others, and test out a few new ones from time to time. However, I still put WordPress at the top of the list.

WordPress Plugin Development:

I also develop and write plugins for WordPress in my spare time. I hope to be releasing more in the coming months, but right now my main plugin project is: ScrollTop Fader, which you can download for free from the WordPress repository. It’s the up arrow that appears in the bottom right corner of the page after you scroll down a certain length of the page. Be sure to see either of the links above for more information if interested, and check back to see if I have released new ones.

I have had a personal account at WordPress.org for some 8+ years now, but I created a newer commercial/business account to reflect a more distinct username to release plugins under, which you can find here: my commercial/business account at WordPress.org.

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