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Who’s the best? That’s a tough question. The honest answer is nobody, none, it doesn’t exist.

Are some better than others? Absolutely. There are definitely certain companies I would avoid, but I am not here to bad mouth any in particular. However, you should take your time and chose wisely. Don’t believe all the reviews you read online. They are not always legit and honest. On top of that some are 5+ years old or more and a lot could have changed between the time it was originally written and now.

You can check out my resources page for both entry level and higher end hosting.

Consider the following:
1. You get what you pay for…
You’ve heard this a million times before, but for some reason when it comes to hosting people end up choosing the cheapest one they can find. Or, even worse a free provider.

I like free things and a good deal too, but believe me it’s not worth the trouble and headache it will end up giving you.

You don’t have to break the bank. For a modest $15-$30 per month you can get better service, up time, and overall much higher quality hosting.

2. Don’t be swayed by unlimited…
Hosting companies like to use the word unlimited these days to lure customers in. Implying that you can do just about anything with your account and not have to worry about exceeding bandwidth, storage space, etc. In reality they do have limitations that usually fall under resource usage. Be more concerned with how much CPU and memory (RAM) your account is allowed to use, and what happens if you hit that number. Are you throttled, or will they suspend your account? That’s a good question for the company your are considering. Never be afraid to ask questions before making a commitment.

3. Be cautious of long-term agreements…
Although signing up for two or three years may save you some money it may cost you later. For example, if you purchase a two year plan and you decide to cancel or leave after one year many won’t refund the difference. They tell you can continue using your account for another year, but that’s it. There are a few that will, but more and more are doing this now. If you are considering signing up for an extended term be sure to ask them what there policy is on this. Otherwise, consider a six month or less plan until you are confident and sure that you are going to stick it out with a particular company.

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